what are the paragraph novels?

click on the blue words and novel titles.

"little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous."
-willy wonka


eric strauss said...

I am going to provide, indeed, something akin to lavish praise. This concept - really the term - paragraph novel - is brilliant. It speaks to the nature of the age, one in which media of any sort has to pack a fucking wallop if it is to be found, let alone sought. It also speaks to the nature of meaning and how meaning and media relate.

You seem really smart. I like smart people. Kudos.

mr strauss
pop goes lethal

Perfect Virgo said...

My dear Superfly, as you know I have been "indulging myself in luxury" at your kind behest for some while now. I am delighted to confirm that enjoyment continues to roll off every page I read.

You are keeping me on my toes with your regular template tweaks. The Dymo Tape labels and the convincing bookshelf are most appealing. And is that a genuine "High Rollers List" I see you have there? Knockout terminology!

Molicious said...

I really love what you've done with your blog here. Very you. ;o)

Mr. Bean said...

I'm digging the fifites theme. So oxymoronic.

The Everglades said...

I dig the whole goddamn site.


RuKsaK said...

No, where are the paragraph novels?

tristan said...

ok you've had your holiday, now get back to entertaining us !

finnegan said...

Perfect V. shot a cat's-eye marble down a rancid hole, intoning me to: "Go chase thy muse down yonder peep!"

I took him on his perfervid word to come to this glowing valley of grade A-musements.

Terrific graphic easter eggs to boot! Dinnerand sweets!

I will be returning here with my oversized magnifying glass to amplify my eyes.

finnegan said...

You are a webpimp. That cut-corner peek-a-boo girl with the cabaret grin has inspired me to throw down the proverbial steel gauntlet at my own bare feet as a challenge to myself to....ouch.

www.gypsynan.blogspot.com said...

Very cool. ee cummings meets haiku!
Hope you like my site!

anne said...

superflywebpimp I love you to bits. Still entertaining, still original!