terror on lot 13

the driver grabbed the gear shift and slammed the vehicle into reverse, sending the tires of the sedan into a high pitched squeal as the burning rubber erupted in a thick cloud of smoke. the drivers eyed each other like drunken gunslingers who's horses had been insulted. the other driver hit the accelerator and lunged forward, only to immediately slam on the brakes again. "oh you bitch!" the huge sports utility vehicle came to a stop in front of the tiny parking space and started to inch its way in, the driver nervously checking both sides of the truck as she strained to see over the high framed doors. the occupants of the sedan regarded the scene with the quiet anticipation of schoolboys watching a wedding cake being carried across a frozen parking lot by a fat lady in high heels. "damnit" she said. the truck had made it in without a scratch. the driver looked back and gave a sarcastic smile of victory. "yeah, thanks a lot bitch!" the lady yelled out of the sedan as she furiously rolled the window back up. "and if you kids don't settle down back there mommy is going to have an accident!" she continued through the toy store parking lot searching for a space in the endless rows of parked mini vans. a woman pulled into the line up and darted her a cold look as they both noticed a family leaving the store with bulging bags of holiday gifts. "oh i don't think so bitch!"

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