attack of the crackalack ding dongs

dr. simmons peered into the darkened office and slipped inside. he was almost positive he hadn't been noticed. he found a small green lamp on the bookshelf and switched it on. "the papers have got to be here somewhere" he thought as he rifled through the drawers of the large mahogany desk. his heart raced as he finally found the document, cleverly buried under several files in the bottom drawer. "you almost pulled it off didn't you algy" he thought. algernon p. razzmatazz had started a small factory making "crackalack ding dong" biscuits that were taking the light breakfast snack world by storm. there was one small problem, dr. simmons knew the secret ingredients, and planned to expose the whole diabolical scheme in a tell-all story on the front page of his father's paper. the office lights suddenly came on and there stood algernon p. razzmatazz. "lets not make any sudden movements dr. simmons." the man said as he flashed the revolver under the newspaper. dr. simmons pulled out his lighter and held it just under the document and lit the flame. "no, you don't make any sudden movements mr. razzmatazz! did you really think you would get away with this?" go ahead and burn the paper dr. simmons, you won't be leaving this office alive. "ha ha ha, the same old algy...we both know if you fire that pistol the whole building will be down here in seconds!" "okay okay, you win dr. simmons" he said placing the gun back in his pocket and removing a ding dong from his coat, "well maybe this will buy your silence." dr. simmons approached mr. razzmatazz and took the light breakfast snack from his hand and gave him the document. "you got yourself a deal algy old pal, nobody knows nothin'."

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