how cruel were my captors

eva vonderwerner held the sparse plate of food just out of the starving prisoners reach. "you will not talk eh? okay, we see if you will not talk." eva relocked the cell and cut the lights. how long could he stand the cold darkness? how long had it been already? his fragile mind was already starting to play tricks on him. the hours past, then the days. a woman had emerged behind him once, running her hand through his thick hair and whispered something in his ear, he turned quickly to find no one there. he couldn't stand this much longer. he clawed at the door, sobbing in quiet agony. at last, he gave up. he lay his broken body down and waited for the end to come. at length he heard the metal click of the lock opening, a shard of light broke the darkness and he turned his head from the pain of his squinting eyes. it was eva. "you will talk." she said in her evil monotone voice. "you will put this on now" she said coldly as she held up the blindfold and advanced towards his cowering body. "ellen! you leave that dog alone and let him out of that closet!" ellen's mother said as she grabbed her husbands underwear off the dogs head. "and do not play with your father's clothes!"

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