curse of the pocelain monkey

thurston blankenship stretched for his gun as duke bremmer tightened his strangle hold around his neck. "i'll be damned if you'll get away with this blankenship" duke growled out. the pistol was almost at his fingertips. "just...a little....further” he thought to himself as his mind begin to fade to black. thurston’s fingernails finally caught onto the handle of the snub nose 38 and he pulled it tightly into his palm. raising the pistol high in the air, he brought it down hard on dukes head, knocking the man backwards into the large wooden cabinet that held the priceless porcelain monkeys. duke felt the back of his head and looked at the blood on his fingers. a snarl curled his lips, he lunged at thurston with all his power. both men tumbled over the table sending plates and glasses shattering to the floor. “damnit whats going on in here?!” their father said standing in the kitchen doorway. the boys jumped to their feet and pointed at one another. “so help me god if you two break any of grandma’s things….” his face red with anger. the boys looked at the floor and nodded. “this is thanksgiving now stop it!” father walked back into the den and turned the tv back on. thurston blankenship looked around the room and grabbed the broom stick in the corner as duke bremmer pulled a spatula from the drawer. the men began to slowly circle each other, ”dad said stop it chad!” “you stop it will!”

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