trouble at shark harbor

professor von hormel grabbed the young man and pulled him into the shadows. he could see the flashlight of the assassin searching the docks. professor prichard von hormel had narrowly won a grant at the geraldine ferraro community college in 1992 with his study on age reversal. he had walked backwards for a year and had carefully documented the study and came to the conclusion that if any age reversing had taken place, the results were too small to register. the other professors never fully accepted prichard and held his theories as highly questionable. with his new study on the young will tanner, he hoped to settle any doubts about his credibility once and for all. will tanner had what prichard called, a “ying yang” personality. on one hand he had a perfect photographic memory, and on the other hand the worse case of turrets syndrome he had ever seen. “damn fucker gypsy monkey!” will yelled out uncontrollably as prichard put his hand over his mouth. “sshhhhh, he’s getting closer.” all the trouble had started last july on a field trip to the pentagon. the young will tanner had wandered off to the basement and had accidentally seen the top secret missile designs for the xj-903. now the chechens wanted the plans and the government wanted them dead. they had been chased all night and now they were hiding at duggan’s wharf on shark harbor. “will, what have you got in that backpack?” umm, nothing, just some books and a sack lunch. “what’s in your lunch?” just a sandwich and a banana professor. “give it to me, I have an idea.” the professor spotted a long narrow jetty that stretched out to the middle of shark harbor. the professor grabbed a bucket of chum and they silently ran down to the end of the jetty. he quickly peeled the banana. “get down behind this barrel will” he said as he placed the banana peel about five feet from the edge of the plank jetty. he grabbed the bucket of chum and dumped it into the shark infested black water and bent down beside will. “hey jackass, over here!” he yelled out to the thug with the flashlight. the dark figure heard the call and came running down the old plank walk. he stopped right before the banana peel and looked around, remembering he couldn’t swim. “psst, over here dung face!” the professor taunted. the man looked down and carefully stepped over the banana peel, shooting both the men and kicking their bodies into the water. the man took a cheese sandwich from his coat pocket and took a bite and mumbled, “crap, now where did I park?”

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