the zen master and the scorpion

once there was a zen master who was walking alone near a quiet brook in the forest. the zen master decided he would sit down under a large oak tree next to the brook where it was shaded and cool. behind him in the brook, a scorpion had fallen into the water and was floating helplessly on its back at the will of the current. the scorpion, unable to swim, asked the heavens for a miracle to save him from drowning. the zen master, admiring the beauty of the rippling water, noticed the scorpion struggling in the swirling brook. the zen master lifted his walking stick up and held it gently over the scorpion. the scorpion grasped at the stick, but fell back into the water after much effort. again the zen master gently held the stick over the scorpion. with all its might, the scorpion once more grasped at the stick. the zen master raised the stick and immediately smashed the scorpion. "get the fuck off my goddamn stick!"


Anonymous said...

lmao i loved this

Howard W. Tate said...

I think I just became enlightened!