performance update: sold out

my interpretive dance performance of “apocalypse now” at the prestigious paragraph novels theatre in monaco was a resounding success. it seems the various diplomats and dignitaries of monte carlo have an unquenchable lust for the art of interpretive dance. in my appreciation for your continued patronage of the paragraph novels, i have attached a signed copy of the program.

signed program


rebecca marie said...

Your talents abound with ceaseless verve. I have sent you an email, and I am eagerly awaiting your response. I'm sure it will be the best email of ever.

yours the absolute truliest,
rebecca marie

Perfect Virgo said...

Superfly I just played your mp3! Nice one. I was crestfallen to learn the performance is sold out but have of course despatched an e-mail, clinging to the hope of a response.

Mere Existence said...

I managed to steal a ticket from some little kid. He was a total pussy.

Lizabeth said...

Is that you in the middle - yummm!

Rise of the oiled snake? Sounds juicy!

anne said...

This is where I meant to say "God you crack me up!"


Anyway, all your stuff is amazing. When are you going to print?