i never promised you jupiter

kyle made the adjustments on his oxygen tank and handed the controls of the lunar orb over to valerie. "we almost made it didn't we baby" kyle said as he stared at the smooth chrome floor. "i'll see you in hell kyle!" valerie lashed out. kyle entered the ejection pod and gave val a sad smile, "i'm sorry its got to end this way baby, but we had a deal." kyle snapped the proton emulator to the on position and secured the radar valves. "your a selfish bastard kyle, why did i ever love you?!" valerie sobbed over the controls, her hands trembling on the vortex enablers. they were headed straight for jupiter's third sun and were burning up fast. "i never wanted to go to the crab nebula valerie, you knew that!" it was too late for regrets, it was over. kyle grabbed the dust-o-matic and tried to pull it into the pod as valerie took hold of the other end. "you son-of-a-bitch my mother gave me this!" she shouted. kyle finally let go, "fine! take all your stupid crap!" he slammed the pod's portal and hit the eject button blasting the small metallic pod into the vast silence of space. kyle watched the lunar orb spin helplessly into the sun and said to himself, "damnit val, i told you i never wanted a cat."

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gulnaz said...

ouch! make that a double ouch!!!