ricoh, damned be thy name

"pc load letter error? what the fuck!" dan cursed as he hit the side of the ricoh ap505 laser printer. the phone rang again and dan grabbed it quick. "this is dan" he said impatiently. "how we doing back there dan?" it was susan from front office. i'm having a paper jam or some kinda shit, let me call you back okay. "mr. barton is here now, what the hell am i supposed to tell him?" she said obviously getting upset. "i don't know, what the fuck am i supposed to do? this goddamn machine is a piece of shit!" dan slammed down the phone and opened the front panel on the printer. he could feel the sweat beading on his forehead. this wasn't good. "you motherfucker!" he said ripping the sheet of paper from the grip of the devil machine. the phone rang again. "this is dan" he said a little too loud. "dan this is tom, we have a mr. barton here, are you ready with the presentation?" tom was the area supervisor and had little patience for incompetence. "um, well i...i'm having problems with.." the sweat was rolling down dan's neck now. "dan get down here with the reports, now. there are no excuses." the phone went dead. dan swung around to the ricoh looking for a miracle, the message came up "pc load letter error, remove paper jam." nora grabbed dan from behind as dan fumbled with the insides of the grand piano. "damn you motherfucker, there is no paper jam!" dan yelled with his eyes still closed. "Dan! wake up baby, you're having another dream!" dan opened his eyes looking around the mansion's great hall and began to sob. "its okay now baby, its okay now." she said holding his sweat covered shaking body. ever since dan won the lottery 8 years ago, he still had the flashbacks.

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Perfect Virgo said...

We never got to meet the visitor, the enigmatic Mr B! You had me going there Superfly, you rascal!