namibia's primordial game

stinson raised his hand and pointed left over the dull amber horizon of namibia’s primordial landscape and the driver nodded his head as he slowly began to turn the wheel of the open roofed vehicle directly into the rising african sun. mr. and mrs. hampton were seated in the back and hadn’t spoken a word to one another since the small hunting party had left just before dawn. stinson looked back over his left shoulder and gave mr. hampton a nod and motioned for the man to keep his rifle pointed away from the back of the driver’s head. the large bore .460 weatherby looked like a cannon in mr. hampton’s small hands and stinson gave the nervous man a confident wink. stinson lifted slightly in his seat and raised his hand, signaling the driver to cut the engine and they rolled to a stop to the soft sounds of gravel popping under the rubber tires. stinson motioned for the man to exit the vehicle and he removed his .450 marlin from the straps on the hood. mr. hampton fumbled to exit the car with the heavy weatherby rifle and stinson gave him an aggravated look to halt the noise. stinson whispered slowly and directly in the serious tone used by men when entering danger, “get behind me. stay behind me. and for god’s sakes, don’t shoot me.” mr. hampton nervously fumbled with the locking mechanism on the big bore and stinson impatiently reached over and pulled back the hammer for him with his thumb, then took hold of the barrel and pointed it away from his feet. the heavy throated breathing from inside the brush was turning the man white and stinson darted a look at mrs. hampton in the car. she was seated with her arms folded and rolled her eyes like a child sitting impatiently on a rollercoaster that was taking to long to start. Stinson gave the man a nod of confidence and stepped aside to let the shaking man in first. this was it. the men took a breath and simultaneously lunged into the brush, striking the beast in the rear. “okay damnit, that’s enough!” their mother yelled as she sat up from the bathroom floor with the spray cleaner and rag. the two boys ran through the house with mops and broomsticks raised in savage victory, “woooooo!”


Perfect Virgo said...

I was eagerly awaiting the twist and when it came it certainly didn't disappoint. Strike that mother in the rear! Good on you, hunter-boys.

Akh said...

great twist as always!

superflywebpimp said...

no state can be more destitute than that of a person, who, when the delights of sense forsake him, has no pleasures of the mind.