wilfred & the brain of mr. duncan

“scalpel” dr. wilmington said as he pressed his finger onto the lower left cerebellar peduncle of mr. duncan’s brain. “scalpel” janet replied placing the instrument in his strong hand. dr. wilfred j. wilmington had gone to brain school in the fall of 2089 with the plans of doing his internship at the prestigious “outer space medical brain center and doctor studies building of saturn,” or “o.s.m.b.c.d.s.b.s.” as they called it for short, but he never planned on love. “i need suction on the right temporal gyrus nurse” wilfred said as he made a small incision to the upper medulla. “and that should do it” he said removing his medical brain surgery gloves. janet spoke softly as she arranged the delicate instruments, “congratulations doctor, another excellent surgery.” wilfred grabbed janet by the shoulders, “damnit janet, I never wanted to fall in love, do you hear me! i wanted to work on brains and be a serious brain doctor!” janet began to sob as he pulled her into his embrace, her lips meeting his in a long passionate kiss. “i love you janet, damned everything else.” “oh wilfred, i’ll never leave you again.” a light clapping of hands startled the two as they turned to see mr. duncan sitting up on the gurney. “looks like you two are going to be just fine.” mr. duncan said with a smile. everyone began to laugh as dr. wilmington looked into janet’s eyes, “i think we all are mr. duncan, i think we all are.”

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