rolling thunder

james rubbed his eyes as he stared out of the small kitchen window. it was early, “too early for an old biker like me” he thought. james was getting old and all the late nights and booze were beginning to wear on him. he popped a pain pill and washed it down with a cold glass of whiskey from the night before and he placed the dirty glass in the sink. he shook his leg and ran his hand down his thigh in a fruitless attempt to stop the pain. james had laid his hog down on interstate 29 about seven years ago and was still paying for it. the pain came and went, today wasn’t going to be a good day. james grabbed his helmet off the table and walked outside. “gonna be a cold one” he thought as he lit a cigarette and took a long slow drag. he threw his good leg over the monstrous bike and brought his heavy boot down to rest on the metal crank. “gimme some music baby” he said as he cranked down hard with all his weight. the chrome beast rumbled to life like rolling thunder across the gray sky. “that’s my baby” james thought with a smile. “james douglas bender you get back in here right now and put on a jacket, it’s freezing outside!” his mother called from the porch. james put the kickstand down on the little blue bicycle and ran up to the porch, grabbing the small winter coat from his mother’s hand. “and watch for cars!” james slid the heavy leather jacket over his tattooed arms as he cranked the chopper back up and revved the machine high enough to shake the windows for blocks. “don’t you worry about me baby" he said flicking the cigarette into the street, "james bender’s gonna be just fine.”


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