terror in quadrant four

adam placed his palm over the glowing security metabolizer and the large titanium doors immediately slid open. “good morning steven” adam said as he stepped into the large control pod. “just made some fresh coffee adam, help yourself.” adam filled his space mug to the rim with the black gold and checked the proton equalizers on the main circuit console. “looks like we’ve got an elevated level of nanotrons in sector seven.” adam said as he tapped on the spectrometer. “i checked that out already adam, i think its just a flux in mar’s orbital gyros.” adam took a sip of his coffee and hit a series of multi-colored buttons and flipped the autogyro switch. “autogyro switch enabled” he said looking back at the spectrometer. “hmm…that’s odd, i’m picking up a large blip in the lower quadrant.” steven got up from the command seat and walked over to the console, resting both hands on the cool steel as he leaned in for a better look. “that’s a level nine blip there adam, better get the boss on the communicator.” adam picked up the space phone, “this is adam in control pod five, come in commander.” steven flipped the neuron switches and turned the atom dial to eleven degrees, “i’m not getting a response on the neuron thrusters!” steven said sounding a bit alarmed. “turn the atom dial to ten degrees and recheck the vortex screen” adam replied. “its already at eleven!” “jesus!” adam said as he put the space communicator back to his ear, “space center zulu this is adam on starcraft niner five niner, we have a level twelve emergency, come in space center!” an ear-shattering noise blasted into the command pod and the ship rocked hard to the right, throwing both men to the ground as they held their ears. “damnit adam turn that down!” adam’s father said switching the stereo off. “what did daddy tell you about touching the stereo?” adam grabbed his spaceman steve action figure and ran to his room and slammed the door. “damnit steven we’ve been over run, activate the destruction beams!”

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