felidae in the iboga

professor conrad knelt beside samantha under the thick iboga brush and tried to catch his breath. “what is it professor?” samantha asked in a panicked whisper. “felidae, of the carnivorous order i’m afraid” he said as he dug his fingers into the sand, searching for anything that might be fashioned into a weapon. “a what?” samantha inquired again. “genus panthera massaieus!” conrad said in a loud whisper. "now please ma'am, sshhh!" “ooohh okay, i see” samantha said shaking her head. she removed a small tube of chapstick from her shirt pocket and carefully applied it to her pursed lips, "are monkeys dangerous?" professor conrad's face turned red with frustration, “it’s a godamned lion woman!” he finally shouted. the 500 pound masai lion burst through the iboga thicket and instinctively grabbed conrad by the throat, leaping twelve feet off into the darkness with his limp body in tow. samantha calmly stood up while she replaced the cap on her chapstick and softly brushed the sand off her khaki safari trousers, “the first law of the desert my dear professor conrad, i don’t have to outsmart the lion, i just have to outsmart you.”

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