outposts of the heart

captain jake blyman sat nervously tapping his floral designed teacup. "is it too hot for you?" meg inquired without looking up from her magazine. "it's fine." jake responded through clinched teeth. the sun was high in the sky now and beginning to pass slowly behind mars. it was late autumn on the southern plains of venus. the two sat in silence at a small cafe table overlooking the vast green venetian valley below. "you're just going to let it go cold aren't you." meg said as she flipped another page. "i'll drink it when i'm ready, is that okay with you? can i drink my own goddamned drink when i'm ready?" a smirk crossed meg's lips and she shook her head mumbling something under her breath. "i'm sorry i didn't catch that last part." jake said staring menacingly at meg. "nothing."
meg was the latest lifelike "comfort-bot" sent out to federation soldiers stationed at remote galactic outposts. the "meg series," was equipped with updated breasts, a teasingly low cut space suit, a bitter scowl, and the latest t-75b sarcasm chip. almost indistinguishable from a real human female. jake stood up to stretch his back. it was getting late and he still had work to do. meg flipped another page of the magazine, "yea that's right, just leave all the dishes on the fucking table."

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