a gathering of beasts

the thick morning mist was rolling slowly through the leaves like a crowd of dazed spirits. the great beast grabbed a damp limb and pulled his massive frame up and out of his treetop nest. he could hear the others gathering in the distance. the low guttural moans of the elders, the hoops and rapid yips and yelps of the younger apes as they thrashed about the lush wet undergrowth. he could smell the battle coming, and almost taste the blood on his jutting yellow canines. it was time. his body ached but he shut it out. his knees, old and tired. he shut it out. it was time. he clinched his massive brow and let the rage course through his veins as the growing primordial sounds around him accumulated into a pounding thunder. he started out across the winding limb to join the others as a deep grunt emanated from behind. he turned and looked back to see the smaller gorilla standing in his nest, outstretched arms gripping fistfuls of sticks. "so what, i'm just supposed to clean up all this shit? is that it? i'm just here to clean up after you everyday while you go off and do whatever?"
"but the war thing..with jerry and the guys, i told you on thurs..."
"no, fine! just leave me here again and go play your stupid little games with your idiot friends!"

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