superflywebpimp's oscar picks for best picture

everyone knows that the oscars are all about politics and consumer commercialism. that's why it is my moral imperative to give you the real oscar picks for the films that hollywood doesn't want you to see. ever since cannonball run 2 was never even so much as mentioned at the 1985 oscars (jamie farr's performance as the hapless sheik was clearly poised to sweep the oscars that night) i have since taken an oath to never attend the public theaters again, instead returning to the small art film houses like those found in the forgotten back alleys of south america's nameless border towns and villages. you may hear about films this year with names like "brokeback mountain" (which i doubt is even a real movie, probably shot entirely on a hollywood back lot with simon cowell and randy jackson on fake horses super imposed on the background of the grand canyon drinking coca-colas and talking about their shared love of the sporty yet dependable ford focus.) sure, maybe two or three people may watch the "official" oscars, but now, with the power of the internet, i am able to bring the world the picks that hollywood never wanted you to see.

1.himmat 2.the devil's bargain 3.yes, we have no iguanas 4.weep not for the unjust


Queen Neetee said...

If it weren't for you sir sfwp, we'd be left in dark theaters all around America without having a hint of truth shone our way.

Here's my pick for the Oscar's: "The Devil's Bargain" It's a clear winner!

side not: - yep, you've made me laugh so hard - again - that i'm crying. crying i tell you! an additional blog site of films from around the world would be wonderful from you. of course, i would never try and tell you how to do your job. i mean, who could anyway? there. i've put my own self in place.
anywho, as usual, i love your work!

p.s. - please send a few words my way - if you have time - for my new story. Thanks

LovelyBucket said...

I haven't laughed that hard at print since... well,... your last set of reviews. Brilliant work! I love it.

Steve Finley said...

I was browsing blogs at random and yours popped up. You've quite the imagination, I must say. How's about you take a look at my blog, and let me know what ya think?