connection speeds of destiny

ellen nervously peered around the corner at the young man stooping on one knee beside the desk in the cramped home office. mark was installing his first modem, and being a man, he certainly didn’t need any instructions. after all, this was guy stuff. mark’s back trembled and he raised his right elbow high as he struggled to pull on something that ellen couldn’t quite see. “what is it mark? is it the cable?” ellen said stepping slightly into the doorway. “i’ve got it, i told you i’ve got it.” he hissed through clenched teeth. ellen impatiently threw her hands on her hips and sighed, “i told you don’t pull on that, the guy at work said….” mark quickly cut her off, “can you please get me the god damned screwdriver from the tool drawer like I asked you ten minutes ago? i’m pretty sure i can fucking handle this!” ellen spun around on her heel and stomped down the hallway mumbling something about competence, respect, and a vague reference to the intelligence level of his relatives. mark picked up the can of beer on the desk and shook it slightly to gauge it’s contents, then took a long slow drink to finish it off. “and i’ll take another beer on your way back please!” there was a brief moment of silence, a car honked in the distance, then a muffled voice from the garage...“fuck you!”


Queen Neetee said...

Hahaha! This is GREAT!

You are diffently no 'fly-by-night'. You've got skills my friend, pure unmitigated skill.

I think you should be knighted.

finnegan said...

Neetee, don't you think Superflywebpimp is enough of a mouthful? Sirsuperflywebpimp is a bit of a tongue-twister if you ask me.

I think our heroine has just entered the Sala de Insultare with horns blaring.

Queen Neetee said...

Oops! With all that excitement about knighthood...a word was misspelled! *clearing throat with dignity* The word is 'difinitely' not 'diffently' (whatever that is).
I'm firing my secretary!

dreamy finn, c'mon and be nice. 'sir' is just three more little itty bitty letters. He's earned it.

anne said...

Love it, as usual. You're the best!

Perfect Virgo said...

That muffled voice from the garage is comfortingly familiar. "Muffled" yet still audible is a skill developed over a lifetime. A great 10 second snapshot of pure LIFE!