ricardo! ricardo!

anne masterson positioned herself out of view of the rotating security camera in the corner of the elevator and quickly unscrewed the lens from the “minolta” and placed it carefully into the camera bag as ricardo hit the button for the top floor. “no one saw anything, i’m sure of it” she whispered as she replaced the lens on the false camera with the close range combat barrel with extended silencer. anne reached under the back of her model 153 world correspondent’s vest and pulled out one of the mini clips and snapped it into the weapon and sighed. “maybe it wasn’t them ricardo, the presidential palace has thousands of guests in trench coats with ear pieces.” ricardo was silent as he took off his armani sport coat, turning it inside out and replaced his angels baseball cap with a black stocking cap, making sure he stuffed the old baseball cap deep under the trash in the elevator’s small chrome garbage dispenser. “what did i tell you that day in canada my darling?” anne starred at the polished tile floor, “…never take a chance, take out everyone if necessary” she said in a hushed tone. “you chose to follow me that day when you left your studio my dear, and you knew what that meant ” he said as he instinctively assembled the assault shotgun from his hollowed mp3 player and coffee cup parts. anne paused as if in quiet reflection, then slowly flipped the small machine gun camera’s switch from single fire to fully automatic. ricardo smiled and placed his fingers gently under her chin, “…take out everybody.” the hollow metallic “ding” of the elevator sounded and the heavy gilded doors seemed to open in slow motion as the two dark silhouettes leaped into infamy.


anne said...

Wow. I'm floored and flattered. Really and truly.

Cocaine Jesus said...

anne is floored and for good reason. what an inventive little site you have. as a comic book fan, and also pulp fiction, i was really taken by the way you use text/prose to match up wuth and underscore the images you use. are the covers you employ a part of your collection? if so let me in! i want to look.
whatever. great stuff.

Perfect Virgo said...

"hollowed mp3 player and coffee cup parts." Very Ian Fleming INDEED!