how sweet was my subalpine fir

lewis and clark meandered through the tall engelmann spruce as the fragrance of the lodgepole pine and subalpine firs filled the afternoon breeze. "cheheecha, bring us water." clark said as he feverishly sketched a small drooping flower in his journal. "mombretia lewis! we got beaucoup mombretia all over this perimeter!" clark blurted out uncontrollably to lewis. cheheecha unfastened the small deerskin water pouch and brought it over to clark. clark held his cup out without looking up as the indian poured the water. lewis hurried over, "ah clarky my boy, thats a fantastic drawing, and i just spotted several yellow genetia on that cliff ledge!" lewis and clark were giddy over the botanous treasure trove that spread throughout the shaded undergrowth. "cheheecha!" lewis called out in excitement, "take down desk and tables from horses, bring color pencil sticks and paper, make camp on hill." cheheecha rolled his eyes as the other indians stood around looking at each other. after a few moments one of them said quietly in cherokee, "what a couple of fucking idiots."


Mike said...

I couldn't agree more, "what a bunch of f-ing idiots".

Perfect Virgo said...

I see you have been hard at work on the backdrop here with your own "colo(u)r pencil sticks" Beaucoup Mombretia indeed!

C'est manifique mon brave!"

finnegan said...

ah, the notorious "loony and clunk"---best goddam
wholesale florists west of the mississippi.

Queen Neetee said...

a man after my own heart. sometimes it's worth just to roll one's eyes at the nature of idiots.

Loving your novel paragraphs!

Mary Jo said...

Ha! I love your writing! Very entertaining - and it seems you provide the perfect amount of detail in getting the picture in my head, and then wrap it all into one nice and concise story.

Thank you!
Mary Jo