slumber of the glass birds

A dull gray light drenched the early morning landscape of the slumbering pines nursing home as a young woman sat beside an aging resident in room 204. jennifer carefully tucked the covers around her sleeping grandmother and gently placed her hand on her forehead. she was a bit warm and seemed to be wrestling with her thoughts in a dream. “no, no…conrad please no!” the old woman mumbled as she tossed in her sleep. she suddenly awoke and opened her eyes in a fevered panic and squeezed jennifer’s wrist. “it’s you! conrad sent you didn’t he, you’re azmarelda, you’ve come to kill me and steal my porcelain figurines!” jennifer placed her hand on the old woman’s cheek, “grandma it’s me, jenny.” her eyes were distant and glazed and she released her grip on jennifer’s arm. “how we doin’ in here?” a large framed nurse said sticking her head in the doorway of the small room. jennifer looked up at the nurse with tears welling in her eyes. “i see” the nurse said stepping inside and checking the drip on her i.v., the nurse leaned over the frail woman and spoke, “can you hear me mrs. banton? mrs. banton, can you hear me?” “azmeralda…the figurines…” she spoke in a drifting mumble. a long shrill beep sounded from the small monitoring machine attached to mrs. banton and then she was gone. jennifer sobbed and threw her arms around her grandmother, “nooo!” the nurse pressed the button on the intercom, “we have a code blue in 204! i'm sorry ma’am, i’m going to have to ask you to step out please.” jenny walked out crying as a doctor rushed in and they shut the door. the doctor removed his glasses, “what do we have here nurse?” “looks like the usual dr. conrad, a drawer full of hummels and a few porcelain birds.”

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