the odd world of dr. godfrey

adam unlocked the door to his uncle’s darkened lab and slid his hand along the wall until his fingers found the light switch. “I really don’t think we should adam.” evelyn whispered as she clutched the young man’s arm. “I told you he’s away for two weeks, it’s okay.” adam’s uncle godfrey was a reclusive man who had once been a skilled scientist at edenborough university and was notorious for performing all his strange experiments on himself. dr. godfey’s odd behavior had increased to the point where the university was forced to remove him from his position. after the fallout, he had gone completely undergound with his experiments, telling no one of his secrets. “look at that thing!” evelyn said pointing to a large wooden chair in the center of the lab with hundreds of multi-colored wires extending to several stacks of old car batteries. “wow, what do you think this thing is?” adam said flopping himself down in the strange contraption. “okay we saw it, now let’s get out of here.” evelyn pleaded as adam pulled her down onto his lap. “stop it, i’m serious adam! this place creeps me out!” adam ignored her pleas, “oh cool, this thing even has foot pedals.” adam pressed his foot on the pedal and a blinding white light filled the room and evelyn screamed. when the young couple opened their eyes, they found themselves on a dusty rock strewn landscape in front of a large open cave. the heat was incredible. “what the hell adam!” evelyn cried out in panic. a group of hairy ape-like creatures emerged from the dark cave and evelyn shrieked in horror. adam slammed his foot on the pedal again and the blinding light flashed once more and they were back in dr. godfrey's small lab. one of the ape-like creatures stood up and turned to the others, “okay, did everyone else just see that or was it my fucking imagination?”


Mere Existence said...

Ape-like creatures use such vulgar language.

Lizabeth said...

Adam, Evelyn and Godfrey... interesting. Great story!!

superflywebpimp said...

merit is never so conspicuous as when coupled with an obscure origin, just as the moon never appears so lustrious as when it emerges from a cloud.