the gift of lars grundl

lars fastened the last of the lunar rabbit pelts together and slipped on his furry white creation. “you think that hideous thing is going to protect you from pluto’s radiation beams?” sheila said with a sarcastic tone, “you didn’t even tie off the seams right you idiot.” lars tried to ignore the woman as he cleared the dust from his photon blaster. lars grundl was a cleaning technician on space station 348-k when the meteor had struck the ship. lars just happened to be cleaning the toilet in the emergency ejection pod of billionaire heiress sheila morgan when the explosion ripped through the ship. the blast threw the young woman into his arms and he instinctively activated the blast doors. his quick thinking by hitting the emergency eject button had saved their lives, but now they were in a life or death game of cat and mouse on an uncharted planet with hostile inhabitants. the primitive race of brutal humanoids had unwittingly killed off all their females, and were now desperate to mate and repopulate their mongrel race. with bulging lust-filled eyes, they had spotted sheila, and would now stop at nothing to have her. “this is all you brought us to eat, a fucking dehydrated nutrition bar?” sheila grumbled eating the last bite of their food. lars walked outside of the cave and waved to the humanoids, “she’s in here!”

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