waiting for jo-jo

carlos took a long swig from the 40 and passed it to cooley-d as he wiped his mouth with his over sized sleeve. "get you some an' pass that shit" shantay said as she reached for the half empty bottle. "takn' all night n' shit." it was a quarter passed 2 am and still no sign of jo-jo. "if that muthafucka don't show..." shantay said. "if that muthafucka don't show what bitch?" carlos blurted, "he said he was goin' be here an he gonna be here, now stop yo bitchn' ho." carlos was getting more and more unstable as the night wore on and the bottle got lighter. "but what if he don't show" cooley-d asked. carlos reached behind his back and pulled out his nine pressing the barrel hard to cooley's temple. "bitch i'll pop you right here, you got me homey?" just then the doorknob turned as the room fell dead silent. it was jo-jo, carrying an armfull of christmas gifts for all. "damn you had me worried fool" carlos chuckled as he slipped the nine back in his waistband. shantay emerged from the kitchen with fresh eggnogg as cooley put on the bing crosby christmas album. jo-jo turned to the audience and said, "god bless us, everyone." the children stood up, held hands and bowed to the sparse crowd at the whispering meadows nursing home. a spattering of applause filled the darkened cafeteria. looks like it was another successful christmas play by the middle school drama troupe quartet.

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