gentle breezes over bravo sector

jackson took hold of the chrome handle and swung his spurred combat boot onto the bottom rung of the ladder, pulling himself into the towering camouflage attack vehicle and was careful not to spill his beer. he placed the lager in the cup holder and slid into the plush command chair and removed a long cuban cigar from the humidor. jackson lit the robusto and tapped the tiny remote control that brought the twelve speaker sound system thundering to life. he stood up through the open roof of the vehicle and took in the beauty of the endless rolling muddy hills and all-terrain vehicles that buzzed across the horizon. the wonderful aroma of grilling meat filled the air and jackson smiled. life in bravo sector was good. the year was 2162 and the world was divided into two territories. the men’s side called “bravo sector,” and the women’s side, “gentle breezes over autumn meadows.” it all started during the fall of 2149 when the great doctor zeigerland had made the first reasonably priced artificial mindless supermodel clones and the world was thrown into complete chaos. the women were forced to counter with the artificial shirtless firemen clones, capable of stomping on small bugs and listening to problems with a thoughtful look while vacuuming for extended periods of time. the great battle of the sexes ensued and the world was divided accordingly. everything seemed to finally be going right in the world until several years later, when most of the small appliances in gentle breezes over autumn meadows began to fall into disarray, and the men began to fall ill from their diet of bear meat and beer. “you call this mowing the lawn?” tina said as she violently shook jackson’s leg. jackson sat up on the couch and rubbed his eyes. “i go to the store for twenty minutes and you go to sleep on the fucking couch?” jackson took the last sip of his beer and reluctantly went downstairs and put on his green stained lawn mowing shoes.

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Lizabeth said...

Ahhh the stuff men dream of! Great story.