death yodel of the caveman

nobody gets this lucky, especially not dr. wormsly. but sometimes, fate has a funny way of twisting the stars of chance. the old ford truck rumbled to a stop on the long dusty highway between indian springs and winnemucca nevada. dr. kirk wormsly got out and steadied himself against the vehicle and noticed something odd about a clump in the roadside sediment. he bent down and carefully brushed away the red dust from the strange bones that lay half exposed in the sun baked mud. “great heavens above! kelly! come quickly my dear! you of course know my theory of the yodeling cavemen…i think i’ve found it! my lord i’ve finally found it!” dr. wormsly had been ridiculed at the university about his theory of the yodeling cavemen, but never wavered from his belief, even after they forced him from his position. that was almost eighteen years ago. kelly opened the door and knelt down beside the doctor and was almost bowled over by the strong stench of whiskey and dead dog. “grandpa you poor drunken fool, that’s a week old dead coyote. now please get back in the truck so i can change the tire.” kelly helped the old man back into the ford and she shut the door. “ladies and gentleman, i give you the great dr. kirk wormsly and his fantastic discovery, the yodeling caveman!” dr. wormsly stood up in his tuxedo and smiled to the thundering applause of the university.

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